Runaway Poet

The Tolliver brothers had bounced through seven foster homes before Hurricane Charley destroyed their Florida duplex. Now in the storm's aftermath, twelve-year-old Jessie has been murdered.  And the prime suspect is his teenage brother Ben, who has apparently run away.  Volunteer child advocate, Anna Sebastian, can't stop wondering if a poem the runaway wrote for her could hold clues to what happened.

This novel grew out of my ten years' experience with the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program, and much of it is true.  The foster care system. The Dependency Court.  Undiagnosed fetal alcohol syndrome.  Drug abuse and the challenge of recovery. Hurricane Charley and life in a FEMA trailer. The unsung heroes--volunteers--who speak for the interests of abused, neglected, and abandoned children.  All true.  The events and the characters are fiction.