Downside Seven

In rural Loblolly, North Carolina, the police have dismissed
the drowning of the prominent Newman Rankey as a boating

Eight-year-old Skipper Frank can't describe what he saw while
he played at the lake shore on that fatal day.  He's autistic--and
his communication skills are far too limited.

Reverend Carolyn (Cal) Crandall can't imagine why Skipper
drew a picture of Rankey's boat in Sunday School or why he
 keeps whimpering the odd phrase "Downside seven."  But
when strange things start happening to this different but
winsome member of her flock, she gets worried.  Did the
child witness the tragedy?  Was it really an accident?  Could
Skipper hold a daangerous secret locked inside his brain?

The only person who takes Cal's concern seriously is a down-
and-out insurance investigator who seems hell-bent on cheating
Rankey's son out of his rightful inheritance.  They form a
reluctant partnership to search for answers.  What did Skipper see?
And who--or what--is the mysterious "Downside Seven"?